Many people have asked for lyrics to various songs I have written for. First, I would like to show the greatest level of appreciation for such a request. It is one of the highest honors for me as a writer that anyone would want to appreciate the lyrics on that level. So, thank you, truly. I will try to update this as much as possible. Requests welcomed.

Sheesh Mob

STS9 at the Coca Cola Roxy - Atlanta

STS9 at the Coca Cola Roxy - Atlanta


Music written and performed by STS9 / Lyrics written and performed by Armanni Reign

{Verse 1]

Fly away on a ocean
When the gas tank hits e motion,
Hope fully grows then
You can tell em how it works when it's broken 
How the random are chosen
Everybody knows them
But they dont know them
Space from the closed in
Now assume that when a flower blooms it's for a reason why
It sounds simple but the stars twinkle right beside the moon to keep it even I
Believe that U N I verse has something great that'll patiently wait for people 
A shadowed spark, a braver fear,
I’m just tryna keep it equal 


Doesn’t matter if you
Blacken the White Lighten the Dark Night into Day 
Why are we so Far and Away
Ups and the Downs Silence the Sounds lost to be found either in the ground or turning gray
Life in the middle big or the little answers to riddles feel brittle when it washes away
I just can’t choose sides, but I don’t need to with you


Cuz whenever we getaway
The path we walk seldomly is ever about anything else but
The fails are my better days
Those times she's goin to shine the brightest
I just focus
Cuz she's my Balancing. 

[Verse 2]

Chemistry vibrations 
These paths in relation are herald
You step out of my head
Best case, you can see the whole world
You know the universe is
Too small not have you beside me
I’d rather bend time and space
Cuz you are worth the weight
So follow the stars and come find me
Now I assume when we return to cosmic dust, we'll keep memories
Or why have I been feeling so connected, even when you’re gone I know we'll meet eventually 
Soul searching is a long walk ain’t it
Every step is like a picture painted
Love or Hate, when I step back from the easel 
I’m just tryna keep it equal



Just Cause 4 - Square Enix

Just Cause 4 - Square Enix

Worth It
Music written and produced by Nick Hill / Lyrics written and performed by Armanni Reign

[verse 1]

I just wanna make it worth it
Damn picture perfect
Countin erryday that I don't end up with them nurses
Got too many plans, I aint tryna have a service
I put that on my purpose, who said I don't deserve this
Cuz I can make it worse for em
Or fight my urges
Lockin with a bully breed, you end up with them surgeons
Yeah I hear you talkin but you ain’t speakin them words yet
I aint even worried cuz real know how them herbs get
I can make it work and
That should make nervous
Cuz I ain’t tryna fail when I know assailants are lurkin
I'd move heaven and earth to my keep my family perched in position The first dude switchin his mood twitchin in dirt - - - - FACTS
How can I relax when the haters wont
I ain’t tryna eat if my hitters don't
Feeling blessed while I walk amongst the curses
Spit it cuz the real is what I worship
Yeah I can make it worth it

I can make it worth it (x4)

[verse 2]
I can make it worth it
Its God on the surface
The prey only pray once the predator emerges
Its funny what encourages fear, how it flourishes
Those who feed a twisted state of mind, this nourishment
But no one is impervious to jealously
Most seldomly the virtuous
Never should you question where your circle is
You'll never get far with these snakes in the car
If you second guess the wheel, take a notice who they swerve with
Like they don’t hear the whispers
Wishing his downfall, he's just waiting listening
Patiently stands through it all
Watching the bridges burn
A ghost on his shoulder asking his son what did he learn
The creed, the beliefs. The give and the take.
The life and death. The real and the fake.
The pain and suffering's enough to push another on the path to discover what it takes When you tryna make it worth it



Music by Written and Produced By Artizan / Lyrics Written and Performed by Armanni Reign

I am the fear behind my name spoken like
The enforcer of every rule I now have broken like
This information aint misleading, that gun is smoking like
I'm up to here with the puppeteers, time to break em open like

I thought I warned yall it ain't smart to push me
Resume so hard that its taught to rookies
If I gotta go Rogue I supposed you could see
How the real world works when you aim down sight 
Cuz things aint right
If you need a cause
Take my life 
Came for the truth but I stayed for the fight
Born as a rebel Ima die in the light

Im Just

Chosen - Slippy ft Armanni Reign - Flux EP

Chosen - Slippy ft Armanni Reign - Flux EP


Music written and produced by Slippy / Lyrics written and performed by Armanni Reign



Pen might hit the paper but we makin more than songs

Life is in the music, been writing 

more than wrongs

Lightning in a bottle, stories till we long

Its why Im the front row arms locked with the strong

See I dont know how the others get by

Me and my sisters and brothers alike

We steppin the party knowing everybody is a part of a bigger and better reply

My moneys on "why", cuz we do or die

And why would I lie, and who would deny

They jumpin together when feelin a vibe

And my only concern is you feeling surprised 


I cant slow now cuz when it  goes down 

We all know, either you move or you frozen

Path was chosen. Its like that.. 

[Verse 2]


Think above the levels, the world where we belong

The risk takers vibes me us understand the gone

The night is never over, the off is even on

Once you step inside our office all we offer is beyond

This is how we gonna get by

Put all your doubt in reticle, life on a pedastal

Tighten your circle, loosen hypotheticals 

No one who settles survives

Family ties nah

We only winnin cuz time we were spendin to rise

It wasnt surprising when individuals had notice they pinnacle's similar drive

I cant slow now cuz when it  goes down 

We all know, either you move or you frozen

Path was chosen. Its like that..